Symbol Dates Keyword
Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 I Am
Taurus Apr 21 - May 20 I Have
Gemini May 21 - Jun 20 I Think
Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 20 I Feel
Leo Jul 21 - Aug 20 I Will
Virgo Aug 21 - Sep 20 I Analyze
Libra Sep 21 - Oct 20 I Balance
Scorpio Oct 21 - Nov 20 I Desire
Sagittarius Nov21 - Dec 20 I Perceive
Capricorn Dec21 - Jan 20 I Use
Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 20 I Know
Pisces Feb 21 - Mar 20 I Believe


1st House: What you look like, how people see you. Your Personality, appearance, outlook on life.
2nd House: Possessions, resources, money, strongest desires, your values, what you value.
3rd House: What you think, ability to relate to the world around you, your early education, short trips. Also relatives, neighbors, memory, writing and communication.
4th House: Home, root feeling, mother or parent who was the most emotional. End of matters, nature of home, real estate
5th House: Self expression, home of hidden karma, misuse of will and love principals. Amusement, dramatics, theater.
6th House: The house work, health, diet, domestic pets, house of service and responsibility. Serve or suffer.
7th House: Relationships, marriage, partnerships, cooperation or lack of it. Open enemies, litigation in lower courts.
8th House: Regeneration, sex, transformation. Money from others, death. The occult and also shows your energy, either creative or sexual.
9th House: Super consciousness, deeply ingrained religious philosophy. Intuition, long journeys, higher education, publication, foreign places and people.
10th House: Prestige, career, parent ( the one with the most authority ). This house also represents how we deal with authority. It is our public life.
11th House: Friendships, goals, objectives, hopes and wishes, groups you will belong to or deal with in our life.
12th House: Hidden side, the house of self undoing. Karma is shown clearly in this house. Frustration, confinement, hospitals, large institutions.

The house your Sun is in, shows where you have strong ego needs.

Moon Emotions
Mercury Thinking
Venus Love, relationships
Mars Aggression, sex, energy
Jupiter Need to expand
Saturn Karma, restriction, frustration
Uranus Sudden changes
Neptune Deception, day dreaming, spiritual
Pluto Transformation
Ascendant How people perceive you
Midhaven Career


Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fiery, high spirited and active. They are compatible with each other and with Air signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are practical, down to earth, traditional. They are comparable with each other and with Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are logical. objective, intellectual and social. They are comparable with each other and with Fire signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are emotional, receptive, sensitive and inner - directed. They are comparable with each other and with the Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn


Knowing the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs will give you a quick insight into the real personality of anyone you may meet or be interested in.

 A Cardinal Sign, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, is strong and likes action. A Cancer is sensitive, but they are also, as other Cardinal signs are, tough.  They are born leaders and should be treated with tender loving care or there will be trouble.   Sometimes they may appear frail but don't believe it. They are wise and want their own way.

A Fixed sign, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius like things to remain as they are. They seldom force to much change and each wants their own way. They will stand their ground in an argument, so you can seldom win. It is wise to treat fixed sign people with respect. 

Mutable sign people, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are sensitive, flexible and can change their mind from one minute to the next. They may be critical, but seldom really angry unless they are very frustrated. They can change their minds in a minute, so some can appear unstable. But often that is just a outright joke.



March 21 - April 20
Fire - Cardinal - Mars

 The Aries persona is active, energetic, ambitious and enthusiastic adding up to an exciting adventure with anyone claiming to be an Aries. This fire sign is out-spoken and always an individual. An Aries can be impatient, impulsive. aggressive and sometimes quick tempered. The desire to be a leader is often obvious at a very young age and should be encouraged by parents. Since the Aries has tremendous ambition and the ability to push themselves to the point of exhaustion it is difficult to hold them back once they make up their minds.

This Sun sign often gets involved with lost causes. They appear very self- confident and courageous and this often true as they take over causes and also as they grow older and wiser. The Aries often feels the straight line is is the best route. Using this style the Aries say exactly what they feel and let the chips fall where they may. Deceit is virtually unknown to an Aries since they move so fast it is challenging to remember false agendas. An Aries born between the 21st through the 31st of April will have executive abilities and should be educated accordingly.  As far as this fire sign is concerned chaos and challenge are their life's blood. If life gets to dull they are known to create chaos just to bring some action into their life. and to be in charge. If you don't care for chaos it would be wise to steer clear of anyone born between mid-March and mid-April.

But if you are looking for excitement and plenty of action then hold out until you meet a healthy and determined Aries and you will be off and running with excitement around every corner.

An Aries male will dominate the party and a female will certainly tell it like it is. You want an open and honest opinion on any subject ask this fire sign.

April 21 - May 20
Earth - Fixed - Venus

A Taurus is a patient, caring, maternal and loving soul. They love the good earth and certainly need material possessions to make them feel right at home. So naturally money and material wealth happen to be high on their priority list of things they need for happiness.

 But on the negative side this fixed sign can be extremely stubborn, materialistic and habit bound. They don't really like change of any kind and certainly have a constitutional need for security which equals a need  money. 

This fixed sign is content with the simple pleasures of life, like a home and all the furniture you can fit into it and plenty of land around it. And since they are best attuned to the earth they love country living. So they would like to settle down with the things they own and love living a comfortable, stable life.

A Taurus is stubborn  and rarely change an opinion so save your time and energy in trying to change the mind of a Taurus. It just won't work. They are practical yet determined and strive for the spiritual truth. They also have powerful and sensitive emotions. 

To a Taurus, the mother plays a very important role, especially to Taurus men. " Mother runs the universe " Often a companion to the mother or at least very devoted to the mother and family. This means they can be involved in a love hate drama or just a love drama, either way there are always intense feeling surrounding the mother and family.

This sign is usually very patient and slow to anger, but if you make a Taurus mad you really have gone too far. They do not like to lose their cool so you really have to push to make them mad. .

The Taurus male is patient, low keyed and loves to take care of people.

 The female usually become involved with men who are weaker than they are so they can take care for and control them.

May 21 - June 20
Air - Mutable - Mercury

A Gemini is adaptable, they have an extremely strong sense of humor and are mentally quick. They are flexible, changing their minds often, but they are the intellectual type, loving to talk, read and study. One of positive trait is the ability to pick up and move on at a moment's notice.

 Sometimes a Gemini can appear superficial, wordy, gossipy, but this is because they love to know everything that may be going on in their world. And because they are extremely intelligent and love to write and understand the world around them, everything they see and hear becomes a news story. As a result this air sign makes a great writer-reporter. Full of information and owning a strong need to report all they know. To water sign people, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, a Gemini may be too wordy and appear extremely detached, but this is part of life for a Gemini. In truth this allows the Gemini to act well in an emergency.

This air sign also loves to travel and has an attention span of about two minutes. They become bored easily and to keep them involved in a long time project can be a challenge. This sign is known as the Butterfly of the Zodiac because of their ability to flit from one thing to another seldom looking back.

The Gemini has a great sense of humor  and needs plenty of space. They make great writers, world travelers, teachers and reporters. They love jokes and have a strong sense of humor.

One of their greatest challenges can be getting the mind under control.   They love using big words, which illustrates their intellectual mind, plus they often take the opposite point of view in any conversation just to prove their debate skills. If one understands this it makes life with a Gemini much easier.   If you are interested in a relationship with a Gemini give them plenty of freedom and listen to their every word and life will be a blast. 

June 21 - July 20
Water - Cardinal - Moon

Positive Traits:  Protective, emotional, cautious and good memory.

Negative Traits:
  Moody, overly sensitive, shy and clings to the past. Romantics of the Zodiac. Sex just for sex sake holds no appeal. They can only have a relationship if the emotions are there. Protective, gentle and tender. Involved with the home, domestic life Loves antiques - holds on to the past. Extremely emotional. Can adapt to any situation or problems if they try. Can't argue logically, emotions get in the way. Cries a lot. Will keep trying and pushing to see how far a person can go. Orphans of the Zodiac - emotional or physical. Cancer child feels insecure and put down intellectually. Intuitively knows what the public wants, good promoters. Great love of food. Seekers of power. Strong and ambitious. Love to take care of someone's needs - manipulation power. " Appreciate Me ". Good candidates for ulcers and alcoholism. Feelings are hurt very easily - over emotional. Both Cancer male and female are mother dominated. They never feel enough love.

July 21 - August 20
Fire - Fixed - Sun

Positive Traits: Leadership, strong, vital, generous, dignified, proud, honorable and courageous.

Negative Traits: Arrogant, conceited, bossy, vain, domineering, tyrannical and self important.
Very involved with themselves - what makes them tick. Self conscious. Always have to be praised. Vital and tremendous energy. Confidence and assurance. Faith and loyalty to those they love. Makes drama out of everything. Cannot live for themselves alone -
has to have an audience. Likes applause. Very involved with what other people think of them. Loves the spotlight. Intellectual and knowledgeable. Radiant personalities. Always striving to be perfect. Born to be leaders - does not mind having less of a personal life. Insecure underneath, but hides it well. If you disagree with a Leo, you have to be very tactful about it. They are very unaware of the effect they have on people and they learn how to use it to their benefit. Practical and philosophical. Tries to live up to standards of father.

Leo male:
Extremely critical of himself, he has to shine especially in his wife's eyes. Generous and noble outspoken, and he feels the means will justify the ends.

Leo female:
Likes being treated like a queen.

August 21 - September 20
Earth - Mutable - Mercury

Positive Traits: Analytical, orderly, health - minded, modest, scholarly, dutiful, discriminating, hard worker.

Negative Traits:  Perfectionist, nagging, picky, timid, narrow - minded, cold , critical, subservient. Identifies self with work. Capable of becoming single tract. Personality development depends on work. Work requires self sacrifices. Work is their universe. Unemployment = loss of being. Very practical. Gets along well with Taurus and Capricorn. Virgo needs other activities to broaden their life. Interested in education, but usually has to work for it. Virgo confuses complaining with relating. Hard to express sincere love, especially in males. Likes power and is quick to speak. Extremely sloppy or extremely neat ( no in between ). Gets hung up on details. Strong personality on the outside - weak on the inside. Involved with health - always watching their diet. Feels guilt from their mother. Looks younger than they are. A good profession for a Virgo is one of service, such as a doctor or nurse.

Virgo at their best: Efficient, brilliant, keeps promises, a sense of selflessness and very duty bound.

Virgo at their worst:  Inability to talk about anything but work, narrow minded and keeps their nose to the grindstone.

September 21 - October 20
Air - Cardinal - Venus

Positive Traits: Beauty loving, artistic, peacemaker, tactful.

Negative Traits:
  Self indulgent, lazy, fickle, flirtatious, insincere, indecisive. Mediators, but underneath they can fight if they have to. They don't like arguments, strive for harmony. Compromise. Great charm and poise. Want to be liked by all people. Cannot feel left out of a group Represses all emotions very introverted. Tendency to be materialistic. Rejection anxiety in all Libra's. Can fall into a depression. Can easily drop out of the mainstream and withdraw into themselves. Libra problems are hard to see, they hide everything well. Always worried about what other people think of them. Very emotionally tense. Hates making decisions. Difficulty in making up their mind. Asks opinions of those they respect. Mass of indecision. When they can't accomplish something they get sick. Perfection conscious. They deal with tension by getting sick.

Libra male:
  Very defensive, has to prove sexuality, a Libra man can go without a woman for months.

Libra female:
Always in career competition with men, sweet in the way they attack and they want respect and acceptance with the group.

October 21 - November 20
Water - Fixed - Mars

Positive Traits: Passionate, magnetic, forceful, penetrating, determined, courageous.

Negative Traits:
  Cynical, resentful, sarcastic, jealous, vindictive, suspicious, vengeful, destructive. Scorpios are not easy to get to know. Very secretive, vindictive and jealous people. Great stubbornness and strong passions. Scorpio is the lone wolf. Keeps emotions well hidden inside, where they have tremendous strength and power. Have power to heal others. . Need to learn to be cooperative and outgoing. Very spiritual. Looks for the meaning of life through sex. Usually the unwanted child of the Zodiac. Always looking for a mother - their mother was never mother enough. Always feels unwanted , mother did not give love easily. Never forgets when things are done to them. They become more secretive when parents put them down. Problems expressing themselves because they have so much anger inside. Very hard to get close to, but once you do, you always have a friend. If you hurt them you'll never be friends again. Change does not come easily. .Wants to do everything perfectly. Possessive and jealous. Very psychic. The Scorpio female is intensively feminine, which draws men to them. It also creates a problem with female friends.

November 21 - December 20
Fire - Mutable - Jupiter

Positive Traits: Freedom loving, tolerant, generous, philosophical, enthusiastic, outspoken, optimistic, independent.

Negative Traits:
  Over confident, restless, wasteful, high strung, over talkative extravagant. irresponsible, exaggerate. Pioneering drive is strong. Extroverted, open minded. Receptive to new ideas. Always seeking new things. They worship freedom - never wants to be tied down or owned. Worries what the world thinks of " Me " Loves theories and loves talking. Radiates self - confidence, but feels different inside. . Not known for sense of tact. Will just babble about nothing at times, just to talk. Sagittarius says things without thinking who it could hurt. They feel it is important to tell the truth at all times, no matter what the consequences are. They have the common disease called " foot in mouth " when they talk. Love to gamble. Always looking for a father figure.

Sagittarius male:
loves to hang out with the guys, has less problems than the woman, many have a failure complex, because they feel their father was so wonderful they could never be like him.

Sagittarius female:
  likes to tease men who belong to other women, likes the company of men and often forgets she is not one herself.

December 21 - January 20
Earth - Cardinal - Saturn

Positive Traits: Organized, ambitious, conservative, responsible, careful, self controlled.

Negative Traits:  Miserly, calculating, stern, merciless, bossy, pessimistic, suspicious, selfish. Respect and reward must be earned. Ambitious and willing to work hard to get what they want. Very confident and powerful. Loves tradition. Power hungry - climb too high and sometimes fall. Can be distant and cold. Passes judgment on things and people. They will forgive you for hurting them after you have paid your dues" Respect me and do what I tell you to do "They feel the bosses job should be their job, they have the right. Any traditional job is good for a Capricorn. Divorce is low among Capricorn's. Very careful about relationships. Very conservative in actions and views. Capricorn men will never confess their infidelities. They frown on too much fun since they are serious.

January 21 - February 21
Air - Fixed - Uranus

Positive Traits:  Original, group minded, tolerant, progressive, independent, scientific, Inventive, humanitarian.

Negative Traits:
  Unconventional, blunt, unpredictable, rebellious, impractical, revolutionary, hates constraint. Likes people, very sociable. Tolerant, broad minded. Either an Aquarian takes care of you or you take care of them They hate to be alone. They are the misfits of the Zodiac. They don't seem to fit in, but are very creative. Always trying to change the world and the people they know. Hates traditional things or customs. Has problems grasping the outside world. Cannot conform with rigid standards. Attracted to the sciences and new age. They often feel as if no one takes them seriously. Never really fits in any one group, but they are group oriented. Does not like school. Aquarius make bad employees because they hate to be bossed around. Let them think they are in charge and there are no problems. Aquarius men are detached. They need to develop involvement.

February 21 - March 20
Water - Mutable - Neptune

Positive Traits:  Compassion, imaginative, spiritual, psychic, quiet, poetic, sensitive.

Negative Traits:
Procrastinator, impractical, escapist, aimless day dreamer, fearful. Has own set of rules and regulations. If someone is sick they will gladly help that person. Basically do - gooders. Very sensitive. Confuses sympathy with love. They are usually playing a martyr or a victim. Will often get sick just for attention. Fears are a result of a violent death in a past life and immature mother. Very psychic. Need room and time for themselves. They take everything personally. Always seem to be unemotional and distant. Very creative imagination. Difficult to live with a Pisces or to marry one because they are so sensitive. Pisces can drain you of all your energy with their problems Do not like reality. Lives in a world of daydreams. Feels out of place - very different. Usually grew up in a weird circumstance. Parents were usually immature. Can have a problem with drugs and alcohol.